Hulme Garden Centre In Urgent Need Of Volunteers

By Chloe Cawood

  • “Lots of helping hands are needed” – Hulme Community Garden Centre  is reaching out to members of the public for willing volunteers to help work on it’s green space during the busy spring season.
  • Having well nurtured green spaces are essential to benefitting our environment, particularly in urban areas. 

    Entrance to Hulme Garden Centre.  (Photograph- Chloe Cawood)

    Now Winter has been and gone, there are many roles available to help make sure Spring is blossoming at the centre. Holly Silvester, an activities co-ordinator at Hulme Garden Centre said; “Lots of helping hands are needed as there is an awful lot to do.” She explained that the roles of seeding, potting and planting are most essential to fill at this moment in time.

    The centre also offers many other ways for volunteers to support it’s green space. A diverse range of positions are available such as; volunteering in the forest garden, the nursery and the pond. Additionally, there are Enterprise Sessions which involves recycling materials and finding a new use for objects which would have been thrown away.


    Garden Shed at Hulme Garden Centre (Photograph Chloe Cawood)

    Despite having over 100 active volunteers at the centre in their peak Spring and Summer months, their numbers decreased over the quieter Winter weeks. This has sparked a concern for the community garden’s well-being as volunteers are the back-bone of it’s progress. The centre invites people from all cultural and ethical backgrounds to volunteer solo or as a group. Holly Silvester stated, “We wouldn’t be here without the help of our volunteers.”


    Strolling through the Community Garden (Photograph – Chloe Cawood)  

    To those who are considering volunteering, the centre invites them to come visit at any time to get outside in a beautiful green environment. The centre offers an array of options for people to expand their skills and meet new people.

    If you are interested in offering a helping hand at the centre, New volunteers will need to firstly complete an induction held at 1.30pm on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

    Hulme Garden Centre is based at 28 Old Birley Street, Manchester, M15 5RG and is open every day throughout Easter.

    You can you can now donate to keep Hulme Garden Centre open at all times.


About Everything Hulme

I am a Multimedia Journalism Student at Manchester Metropolitan University. This is my hyperlocal site, ‘Everything Hulme’ which offers local news stories from the Hulme area in Manchester (M15). My stories vary from environmental issues to how communities and organisations in Hulme work together to offer help to families and those with mental illness.
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